They won’t be stealing this catalytic converter

catalytic converter theft protection

They won’t be stealing this catalytic converter

Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

It is amazing that we have to even be discussing this, but catalytic converter theft is up over the past couple years. However, it is the real deal and we have had to make catalytic converter repairs on vehicles that have received this abuse. That’s why we investigated the products out on the market and found this solution that we can install for our customers to reduce the chances of this kind of theft happening to them. We found the Cat Strap and the Cat Eye.

Cat Strap / Cat Eye


The Cateye is an intelligent, SMART controller that senses human motion under your vehicle. It activates a 130dB computer-generated multi-pitch siren and then automatically deactivates when they leave.  While it draws attention like a traditional alarm, its additional purpose is to turn the confined space beneath your vehicle into a painful echo-chamber by intensifying the sound levels – forcing the thief out before damage can be done. https://www.catstrap.net/

The CatStrap™ is encased in a high-temperature strap that runs down the length of your vehicle’s exhaust and converter. Features a heat-activated adhesive strip that creates a tight bond to the exhaust system to prevent removal. In addition, exhaust clamps are used to ensure a tight bond and provide additional attachment strength. In most cases the mere sight of the Catstrap, with its Bright Orange surface and yellow warning label results in the best possible result, they “Just Go Away”.

Catalytic Converter Protections Installed