We’re Here To Help Your Repair

We’re Here To Help Your Repair


We are offering this limited time offer to help you deal with one less thing in this crazy time.

A pick up and delivery service is completely free within 5 miles of the shop,
but will need to be done by appointment…


3 Easy Steps

  1.  Call the shop and schedule your appointment.
  2. We come get your vehicle and fix it.
  3. We bring it back to you.

We hope that this can be a safe and easy way we can help you with your auto repair needs.

How will we keep your car clean while we have it?

Before we get to you

  1. We are stepping up our cleaning/sanitizing schedule at the shop, we are sanitizing our office multiple times per day. Helping to prevent the spread as we interact with the public.
  2. We have stopped our normal super welcoming handshake with every customer…. Now we are just giving you a really enthusiastic wave ?
  3. We are sanitizing everyone’s vehicle key as we get it
  4. We are sanitizing each vehicle as we are finished – Steering wheel, shifter, handles, seat belt etc.

When we come to you

  1. We will come with a new pair of gloves to drive your vehicle back and the employees will be wearing gloves to work on your vehicle.
  2. We will drive with a new pair of gloves to bring it back.
  3. Your vehicle will be sanitized as we exit the vehicle to bring you the keys at your home.
  4. Payment will be taken over the phone to prevent multiple people touching the credit card machine.
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