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Morris and Comanche Auto Service, LLC was started in 1985. As the son of Gas and Service Station owner, Robert Muñoz began working in the shop when he was thirteen years old. Mechanics were in his blood. He and his team have operated their shops based on honest, consistent and competitive auto repair and superior automotive service and customer service. READ MORE


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Albuquerque, NM 87111

It’s that time of year again. Bring us an un-wrapped New or Like-new toy and we’ll make sure that a little girl or boy can have a little more fun this year....

Driving at night and during rainstorms can be hazardous. But it doesn’t have to be! Quality NAPA Parts like NAPA NIGHTVISION™ lamps are made with added brightness and whiteness, for increased visibility and safety on the road. Double your savings and your safety at your......

Cold Tire Pressure Tips Your tire pressure changes with cooling temperatures. This time of year, pressures can be erratic. Every 10 degrees colder, your tire can loose 1-2 lbs (PSI) of tire pressure. With 70 degree afternoons, and 30 degrees overnight, your pressure cold be......